Premium finger food catering & service to top off your event!

If you have an upcoming event that requires finger food catering, look no further than Aussie Ripper Roasts. If there’s one thing you should know about us, it’s that food is our passion! We maintain a high-quality standard in all aspects of our service. From produce delivery right through to presentation—we treat your food like it’s made of gold. Our menus encapsulate everyone’s favourite flavours to win the hearts of all your guests.Of course, we also cater to dietary requirements if necessary. We guarantee an absolutely stress-free experience for our customers. It’s important that you get to spend time outside of the kitchen with family and friends during special events, so you won’t have to lift a finger. Aussie Ripper Roasts will go above and beyond to make your night a success, so call us on 08 8262 6999 to arrange your finger food catering Adelaide today!


Some options off the finger food catering menu

One of the best aspects of our finger food catering is the extensive range of options you can choose from. Having a bit of variety is the only way to keep the whole clan happy, so it’s important that our customers get to pick and choose their favourites. On our Canape Menu One, we have a fine selection of:

  • Gourmet sausage rolls, pies and pasties served with BBQ and tomato sauce.
  • Mini hot dog puffs.
  • Chicken devil wings in a baked marinated honey with sweet chilli.
  • A variety of mini quiches including vegetarian, tomato, supreme and more!
  • Mini pizzas with a combination of toppings.
  • Vegetarian spring rolls with a delicious sweet chilli sauce.

We bring a gourmet twist to every style of food we offer. Our Finger food catering incorporates two hours of preparation, cooking and serving time. We even offer complimentary napkins for mess-free eating!

What makes us different from the rest?

Aussie Ripper Roasts are the number one choice for your finger food catering because we have a combined experience of over 35+ years in catering services. As a collective, we’ve combined our skills and expertise to bring restaurant quality food straight to your door. We’re also a family owned and operated business, so many of our flavours are backed by tradition. We’ve learnt all the tricks of the trade to formulate indulgent recipes that will complete your special occasion or event. We love watching how food brings people together, so our aim is to ensure that not a single-guests leaves dissatisfied. Experience the traditional gourmet different and opt for our finger food at your next event! In addition to our Canape Menu One, there’s a wide selection of tantalising easy-to-eat cocktail options to suit the theme of the evening. Call (08) 8262 6999 or submit an online form today!


Aussie Ripper Roasts make entertaining easy. Kick off your next event with the finest selection of finger food catering in Adelaide! We only provide the best, for the best.Submit an online form or call 08 8262 6999 today! today.

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