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Aussie Ripper Roasts are different because our service is 100% personalised to suit our customers. we are not providing only catering services like other catering company in Adelaide We involve you in the process from end to end, and you have the choice of choosing which menu favourites will make an appearance at your special event. This also means accommodating people with dietary requirements, without compromising the quality or flavour of the food. No matter how difficult the task at hand seems, as long as bellies are full and people are smiling—our team are happy. In addition to our standard BBQ and finger food menus, we also have breakfast and brunch options fit for every occasion. We provide everything from buttermilk pancakes and Bircher Museli through to petite muffins and gourmet omelettes. Our staff promise not to let you down! Request a quote or give us a call to secure us for your wedding catering and more!

Wedding Catering

Our iconic spit roasts for your wedding catering

True to our name, our business is best known for the ripper roasts. Here’s a little taste:
Aussie BBQ Menu Option One: This menu includes all the Aussie crowd favourites, with a great selection of meats and fresh salads for the ultimate BBQ feast. We’re talking chicken shaslicks, continental sausages, BBQ sausages, lamb loin chops with rosemary and garlic seasoning and more!
Ripper BBQ Menu Option Two: Guests are treated with succulent BBQ meats including seasoned chicken thigh fillets, marinated pork belly ribs and premium scotch fillet steak. Of course, we didn’t forget the traditional BBQ sausages.
Aussie Ripper BBQ Menu Option Three: This menu also comes with the addition of other hot dishes to give your guests the banquet experience. Nothing goes better with a BBQ than a creamy potato bake! We guarantee that your guests won’t be disappointed with our wedding catering.

Catering advice for wedding planners!

When trying to plan your wedding catering, it can be difficult to muster up a list of options that’ll keep the whole clan happy. The whole point of our service is to ensure you get to spend time away from the kitchen and with family and friends. So, we’ve come up with a few points of advice that will help:

  1. Go for the belly-fillers: we all know that alcohol on an empty stomach can be trouble, so we recommend having some hearty belly-fillers on offer.
  2. Make sure you keep it about you: After all, your loved ones are there for you. Trying to account for everyone else’s wants and preferences is incredibly stress-inducing, so make sure to pick your favourites first!
  3. Add variety: While the focus is on you, it’s also polite to have at least one vegetarian option (or non-vegetarian option) to accommodate dietary requirements.
If you’re searching for a professional and reliable team to exceed expectations with your wedding catering—look no further than Aussie Ripper Roasts. With us, you’ll receive peace of mind knowing that every one of your guests is happy and full. Call us on (08) 8262 6999 to secure our service for your wedding or special event today!
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